Finding the Right Service for You

Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Counseling and More

Our Health Navigator will help you understand how you can benefit from the many complementary therapies we offer. Working together, you'll develop a plan to integrate these therapies with your western medicine treatment. Ongoing, the navigator will be available to consult with you about your care and assist with any needed changes in your plan. She can also facilitate communication with your providers and offer support along the way.

Making it affordable

At Cancer Support Sonoma, we never turn anyone away due to an inability to pay. That’s why we offer our services on a sliding scale basis. We understand that cancer treatment can extend over a long period of time, and our complementary services are more effective when used consistently. For that reason, we want you to find a payment level you can sustain for the duration of your treatment and into your recovery. Talk to the health navigator about setting a fee schedule that works for you. 

We also offer off-site Classes
Read about our Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation classes.

Meet the CSS Providers

All of our practitioners are experienced in oncology care. They are dedicated to helping cancer patients thrive and get back to more fully living their lives.




These methods have been shown to reduce the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and interferon.  A consensus panel convened by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1997 concluded there is clear evidence that needle acupuncture treatment is effective in relieving postoperative and chemotherapy nausea and vomiting. Acupuncture and herbs are also known to help reduce stress, boost the immune system and provide a general sense of balance and well-being.

Ayurveda Consultation


Known as the Science of Life, Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of health care in the world. Its approach encompasses diet and lifestyle, herbs and yoga with an emphasis on prevention, and on bringing about and maintaining harmony in the body. Ayurveda considers physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of wellness to maintain optimal health. It asserts we are beings within Nature, affected by natural rhythms and seasons.  Ayurveda treats not just the disease but the whole person, with an emphasis on prevention rather than cure of symptoms.

Naturopathic Medicine


A naturopathic consultation applies in-depth knowledge of nutrition, herbal medicine and supplements. It will help you avoid redundancy and contraindications with other herbs, supplements and western medications that can happen when individuals self-prescribe. All the  medications, herbs and supplements you are currently taking will be reviewed to come up with an effective, supportive regime to help you through your treatment and recovery process.

Oncology Massage


Oncology massage is the modification of massage techniques in order to safely work with the effects of cancer and cancer treatment. It benefits people in active treatment, those in recovery or survivorship as well as those at the end of life. Clinical research supports the use of oncology massage in reducing pain and anxiety. Clients have also reported the many benefits of massage which include improved sleep, decreased sense of isolation, enhanced body image and increased feelings of well-being.

Ayurveda Reflexology


Using warm healing oils, pressure is applied on specific parts of your feet, hands and ears to provide relief from discomfort, pain, neuropathy, stress, insomnia and other issues related to cancer.  Ayurveda Reflexology improves circulation, removes toxins, and organs and glands have improved function. When the principles of Ayurveda are brought together with contemporary Western reflexology, we have a powerful marriage of knowledge, and a new, dynamic approach to wellness.

Therapeutic Massage


Defined as the mobilization of soft tissue, therapeutic massage restores normal systemic and functional use of both muscle and body fluids. It can be used to assist in the treatment of most musculo-skeletal and associated problems. Regular Therapeutic Massage Therapy results in improved circulatory, lymphatic and neurological functioning. It relieves stress, can be  stimulating or soothing, and helps to create inner balance and harmony.

Jin Shin Jyutsu


Jin Shin Jyutsu is translated as the “Art of the Creator through the person of compassion.” This gentle form of Japanese acupressure  seeks to restore balance to the body’s natural energy flow patterns.  Illness, injury and stress can cause energy to become disrupted causing a wide variety of symptoms and ailments.

By gently applying hands on different areas of the body in a specialized pattern, energy is stimulated to reawaken and move harmoniously through the energy pathways. Jin Shin Jyutsu  can be helpful in decreasing side effects from treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Individual Counseling


In these sessions we use Integrative Psychotherapy which refers to the bringing together of the emotional/mental, physical and spiritual systems within an individual. This work, which can be short-term or in-depth, includes the use of guided imagery, mindfulness-based stress reduction (meditation) and other forms of psychotherapy.

Through dialogue and understanding, individual counseling helps individuals, their families and caregivers around living with illness, loss and chronic pain.

Free Support Groups


For those living with cancer: This support group offers a comfortable place to talk about your experiences with others living with cancer. Group members can share feelings and experiences that may seem too awkward or too difficult to share with family and friends. Cancer group meets on the first and third Monday of each month, from 9:30–11am

For Caregivers: Caring for a loved one with cancer can be very stressful. Learn new ways of coping and come away with practical information about treatment and resources,  and how to better communicate  with your loved ones. Caregiver groups meet on the second Monday of each month from 11am–12:30pm.

Off-site Classes

We're excited to announce a partnership with practitioners in the community who are offering services to CSS clients. To complement our integrative therapies, clients can take part in Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and Mindful Meditation classes, some for minimal fees, some at no cost.

All dates and times are subject to change.


Qi Gong

Cultivating Healthy Energy for a Healing Body
Tai Chi and extracts from some of the best movements from the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. The class places emphasis on synchronizing the 18 movements with proper breathing and mindful attention. The gentle, flowing routine is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing. The movements can be done seated or standing.
Offered by Robert Young

Date and time to be announced.

Free of charge for CSS clients.


264 First Street East (one block north of Spain Street), Sonoma CA 95476



The Move to Health cancer recovery class offered by Pilates Sonoma will consist of gentle movement with emphasis on exercises that focus on pelvic stability for core strength and balance, lengthening exercises for full body alignment and lots of breathing. 

Offered by Perry Pownall

Advance registration required: 

Call (707) 540-3549 or email

Free of charge for CSS clients.


989 West Spain Street (at Route 12), Sonoma CA 95476



Mindfulness Meditation
Sonoma United Methodist Church will offer group classes in mindfulness meditation.  Learn to quiet your mind and be present in the moment. Regular meditation can bring clarity, insight and peace of mind, which may improve your health and well-being. These groups will be spiritual in practice, but all are welcome to take part. No experience is required. Offered for clients and caregivers. 

Offered by Emily Pickens-Jones

Date and time to be announced.
Free of charge for CSS clients.


109 Patten St, Sonoma CA 95476 (just off Broadway)



Introduction to Yoga Community. You will learn about the style of yoga each instructor teaches, the benefits of practicing yoga, enjoy a 10 minute practice and a Q&A. CSS clients are eligible for a $49 New Client Package and then a 25% discount on a 5, 10 or 20 class package, applicable while they are clients of CSS. 

Offered by Yoga Community


577 5th St W, Sonoma CA 95476

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