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To get started in the program, our Health Navigator will meet with you to provide support and help you understand how you can benefit from integrative therapies. She’ll provide information about the available services and work with you to develop a plan to integrate them with your western medicine treatment, tailored to your unique circumstances. 

The navigator will then be available to follow you through your care and assist with any needed changes in your plan. She can also help you sort out your health goals, provide resources, facilitate communication with your providers and offer support as you travel through your journey.

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Give us a call at (707) 509-3549 to schedule an intake appointment, or fill out the form below. Please review our Fee Schedule and fill out the New Patient Form and bring them to your intake appointment.

Review and Complete

To make the most of your initial visit, complete and return by email the Patient Information form prior to your intake appointment. 

Review the other forms and be sure to bring them with you.

Patient Information Form (pdf)


Patient Consent Form (pdf)


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HIPAA (pdf)


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