How Your Dollars Help

Large or small, your gift helps provide care to cancer patients in our community.

ONE CLIENT'S STORY: Laura came to us after a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer … the most aggressive form of the disease. She'd had a double mastectomy followed by reconstruction, and she was just starting chemotherapy when she came seeking integrative therapy.

“I was so fatigued from the chemo, but it was hard for me to ask for help,” she says.

Laura tried all of our services and found that acupuncture helped with her neuropathy and lymphatic massage was “incredibly helpful with breaking up scar tissue around my implants.” She also consulted with our naturopathic doctor who recommended some adjustments to her diet and supplements.

Please think of Laura and so many others like her who are dealing with the physical and emotional stress of cancer treatment when you plan your donation.

Ways to Give

Many companies offer to match charitable donations made by employees. If your company does, it’s an easy way to double the impact of your donation to Cancer Support Sonoma. 

Become a monthly donor. If 100 donors contribute $25 monthly, it would cover our rent and utilities. Then the rest of our funding can go to serving clients. Can you help us reach our goal?

Thank you for your Support!

Cancer Support Sonoma is a  501(c)3 charitable organization.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to:

Cancer Support Sonoma, 246 Perkins Street, Sonoma CA 95476.

Or donate any amount by logging in to your PayPal account. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Host a Friend-Raiser

Here’s an easy and fun way to raise funds for Cancer Support Sonoma.

Invite a small group of friends and colleagues for a get-together to inform them about the worthy cause you’re supporting. A representative from Cancer Support Sonoma will gladly attend to explain our work and how it benefits those in the community who need our vital services. 

WATCH THE VIDEO to find out more.